Jeep Wrangler near Waterloo

Jeep Wrangler Near Waterloo

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Why a Jeep Wrangler

Do you have your bags packed? What about your camping gear? Because your Jeep Wrangler is always ready to strap down the gear and get going thanks to the standard cargo tie-down loops. And if you want to immortalize your trip, you can charge up your camera right in your Jeep with the 12-volt auxiliary power outlet. In fact, you can charge your phone, laptop and tablet too!

The fun doesn't end when the seasons change, so take your Jeep on winter adventures, and don't worry about getting back, the engine block heater will take care of that! Find your ideal travelling companion by test driving your next Jeep Wrangler near Waterloo at Hunt Chrysler.


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Hunt Chrysler - Bursting With Excitement and Energy

Bursting With Excitement and Energy

Your Jeep Wrangler near Waterloo has a boisterous spirit, and is thrilled to jump at any opportunity to find something new and fun to do. With its 4x4 capabilities and a weather-proof push-button start, there's not a whole lot that can hold it back, so buckle up for memorable adventures and unforgettable trips!

Hunt Chrysler - Rough, Rugged and Really Awesome near Waterloo

Rough, Rugged and Really Awesome near Waterloo

Do you know what the fuel tank, transmission, and transfer case skid plates are for? Get behind the wheel of a Jeep Wrangler, and you will find out! Taking on any trails, mountains and offroading adventures it can find, this SUV is not afraid to get muddy and dusty. Find your most exciting new friend at Hunt Chrysler.

Hunt Chrysler - The Jeep Wrangler - Fearless and Full of Confidence

The Jeep Wrangler - Fearless and Full of Confidence

Your Wrangler doesn't hesitate in the face of challenges, and doesn't back down when presented with rough terrain. It's sure that no matter what comes it's way, it can handle the hurdle. To make you equally at-ease, your Jeep comes with a Torx® Tool Kit, to help you achieve your Wrangler's level of confidence.

Hunt Chrysler - The Choice Is Always Yours

The Choice Is Always Yours

You can live an average life or you can get behind the wheel of a Jeep Wrangler, it's your choice. When you're ready to dispel the grayscale tint that has settled over your daily commute, come in to Hunt Chrysler. We'll jolt you back to vivid living with a test drive in the best Jeep Wrangler near Waterloo.

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