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Jeep Cherokee near Kitchener

Living near Kitchener? The best place to find your next Jeep Cherokee near Kitchener is at our dealership, our amazing inventory of Jeep Cherokees, combined with our knowledge of your needs and preferences as a driver, assures that we will match you with the SUV of your dreams.

Lowest Price: $38,432
Lowest Price: $38,886


Why Choose a Jeep Cherokee

Whether you're planning on skiing, tobogganing, or just marvelling at the winter wonderland that beautiful Canadian mountains have to offer, your Jeep Cherokee will get you and your passengers to your next snowy day out. Neither the cold, snow, or ice can keep you from exploring the great outdoors, with Cherokee's engine block heater and rear window defroster.

Giving you more Storage Spaces

In a world where small electronics, knick-knacks, and travel-sized marvels fill our lives, clutter is a plague and a constant challenge. The Jeep Cherokee provides plenty of storage spaces to keep your everyday essentials, including a media centre electronics storage, an instrument panel top storage bin, and a locking glove box, giving you the neat SUV everyone aspires to have.

Technology Keeps You in Control

It is essential to know everything happening in your Cherokee, and with the 3.5-inch multiview Electronic Vehicle Information Centre (EVIC), you can be in-the-know at all times. You can be sure that your journey is specifically tailored to you, with the tilt and telescopic steering column, which gives you the chance to steer the vehicle your way.


Always ready for the Winter Months

Though your Cherokee is amazing all year long, it will take even better care of you during the coldest season of the year. For dark winter mornings, your Jeep provides an illuminated entry to help you get in and comfortable, ergonomic seats to let you drive out into the day happy, regardless of the weather and the gloom.

Find your very own Jeep Cherokee at Hunt Chrysler today! No need to come to us, call, or fill-up the form below!

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