How the Jeep 4x4 System Works

How the Jeep 4x4 System Works

Jeep SUVs are famed for their unbeatable off-road ability, making trail-crawling prowess a central part of the engineering rather than an aspect added on as an afterthought. And while much of this reputation comes from the rugged exteriors and powerful engines, a huge part of the lineup's off-road success comes down to the legendary Jeep 4x4 system. Buy a Jeep and you'll be getting 4x4 which is much more advanced than other designs which simply spread the power between two axles rather than one. Here's why.


How the Jeep 4x4 System Works


There are several versions of the Jeep 4x4 system available across the model range, with different benefits and applications for each. Here are main types of Jeep 4x4 system design.


Active Drive



The Active Drive system seamlessly switches from two-wheel to all-wheel drive whenever extra traction is needed. The switch can be done at any speed, and is handled by a fully automatic system coupled with a disconnecting rear axle. The benefit of Active Drive is that fuel economy is improved in good conditions, while traction is instantly provided when extra grip and control are needed.


Rock-Trac 4x4


The Rock-Trac system steps up an off-road level by providing electronic locking differentials, brake lock differential, and an electronic front sway bar disconnect feature for unbeatable torque and traction at speeds as low as 0.8km/h. But as with Active Drive, the system switches to two-wheel drive when increasing fuel economy won't impact on performance.

Command-Trac 4x4



The Command-Trac system shifts the emphasis slightly away from rock crawling and onto road driving in the most difficult of weather conditions. The system can switch from two-wheel drive to four-wheel drive at speeds of up to 72km/h, and splits the torque 50 / 50 front and rear for fully balanced 4x4 operation when required.


Quadra-Drive II


The Quadra-Drive 4x4 system is Jeep's most advanced all-wheel drive control type, and is designed to handle all-weather off-road action with ease. The system is equally suited to ice-covered gravel or sand-strewn rocky trails, and is a full-time all-wheel drive design that delivers impeccable control. Quadra-Drive II includes a rear electronic limited-slip differential and a 2.72:1 low range gear ratio to deliver the full legendary Jeep 4x4 performance.


Selec-Terrain System



Lastly, while the Selec-Terrain system isn't a 4x4 design in itself, it's an option that's available on most all-wheel drive Jeep models and greatly improves handling in all conditions. Adding to the underlying 4x4 control, the system intelligently distributes torque across the four individual wheels to provide maximum traction, whatever surface the tires are met with. Switchable modes include Auto, Snow, Sand, and Mud to deliver tightly controlled grip at all times.


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Whether you're looking for the no-nonsense off-road excellence of the Wrangler, the versatility of the Gladiator pickup, or the family comfort of the Grand Cherokee, you can rest assured that Jeep's advanced 4x4 system will underpin the performance. Book a test drive of any model from our Milton Jeep dealership, and see for yourself what legendary all-wheel drive is all about.


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