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The Difference Between Temporary Tires and Full-Size Spares

The Difference Between Temporary Tires and Full-Size Spares

A compact temporary tire, also known as a "donut", is designed as an emergency spare that you only use for short driving distances. These tires have shallow tread depths and light-weight construction when you compare them to full-size tires.

Many cars do not come equipped with a spare tire. Therefore, you should know what size tire your car requires when you start shopping for a spare. For example, compact temporary tires can affect your car's traction, driving capability, and all-wheel drive since it is built for emergencies only. Full-size spares, on the other hand, will not affect your car's driving capabilities if you have a tire that meets your car's specifications. It is always best to find a spare that meets your vehicle's tire specifications.

If you have questions about your car's spare tire, talk to one of our specialists at Hunt Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat. We offer tire replacement services that will get you back on the road safely.


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