Secondhand Car Seats May Not Be Best

Secondhand Car Seats May Not Be Best

Life can be challenging when you are starting a new family. Many times, well-meaning relatives or friends will offer to give you hand-me-downs. While hand-me-down onesies and socks are okay, it is not always a good idea to take a secondhand car seat.

Regulations change, and an older car seat may not be considered safe according to current standards. In addition, sometimes plastics, metal, and other materials wear out over time. Even if the car seat was once considered safe, this may not be the case any longer.

It is always best to choose a car seat that is the right size for your child and that meets current safety standards. It is also a good idea to make certain that the car seat fits the vehicle that you wish to purchase. Our knowledgeable sales associates can help choose from a wide selection of family-friendly vehicles that are designed for a growing family.


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