Must Have Parts for Your Jeep Wrangler This Winter

Must Have Parts for Your Jeep Wrangler This Winter

A Jeep Wrangler is one of the most rugged vehicles you can drive, but even these tough little cars can use a little help to handle the worst of Ontario winters. Here are the six essential parts you need to keep your Jeep happy in even the harshest weather.


1) Winter Wiper Blades


Wiper blades take a lot more punishment in winter than in summer, so it's a good idea to fit new ones before the weather starts to turn. Use dedicated winter-friendly wipers that have an extra piece of snow-clearing rubber as well as the main blade, increasing performance and reducing overall wear and tear.


2) Luxury Heaters


The Wrangler may have great climate control in milder months, but in the depths of winter a little extra heat can be very welcome. Adding a compatible rear-seat heater that works in tandem with the existing system will make your Wrangler toasty and welcoming, whatever the temperature outside.




3) Heavy-Duty Floor Liners


Choose rigid floor liners with lips, moulded to fit perfectly into your Wrangler, and no matter how snowy, slushy, or gritty the conditions become, you can drive your Wrangler confident that cleaning the floors will be as easy as removing the liners, rinsing, and replacing.




4) Heated Mirrors


Scraping ice off mirrors on a frigid winter morning is no one's idea of fun. Heated side mirrors are a simple addition that can greatly improve your winter Wrangler experience if your car didn't have them fitted at the factory.




5) Seat Heaters


Heated seats may have seemed an unnecessary luxury when you bought your Wrangler, but if you're regretting the decision to pass on the option, all's not lost. The right seat heating parts and accessories can retrofit warmth into your driver and passenger seats quickly, easily, and effectively.




6) Remote Starter


Similarly, if a remote start function seemed like an unneeded extra when you chose your car's options, this feature can also be fitted into your Wrangler so long as it's from 2013 or later. Choose a genuine OEM factory original part, and you can start your engine - and heating - from as far as 100m away.




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