How to get your car ready for winter

How to get your car ready for winter

Once the leaves start to fall from the trees, the first deep freeze can arrive sooner than you think. Preparing your car for the worst of the weather before it arrives will help ensure you're not left stranded by a breakdown in dangerous and uncomfortable conditions. Here are five essential winter car care tips to follow to keep you moving, however far the mercury falls.


1) Tires


High-quality winter tires are one of the most fundamental parts of winter car care. Not only do they increase grip and traction for greater safety in icy conditions, they also reduce the stresses and strains on your car that can lead to mechanical problems.


It's important to make the switch to winter tires when the temperature is reliably around 5°C or below, so you're not caught out by a sudden snowstorm. And importantly, when you fit the tires take the opportunity to check that they're still in good condition and that they have a tread depth of at least 1.5mm, preferably plenty more.


2) Wipers


Windshield wipers need to do a lot of work when they're dealing with leaves and other fall debris, so it's essential to check they're still up to the test of heavy winter weather. Check the blades for any visible splits or cracks, and replace them if necessary. And for a final check, pour a little clean water onto your windshield and turn the wipers on. If they leave streaks behind, it's time to fit new blades at the least, but you may also need the mechanism adjusting too.


3) Battery


Your car's battery is put under heavy loads on cold winter mornings, with the lights and heating system on full from the moment the ignition is started. If your battery might be due a replacement, which is usually needed every four to five years, have it checked out now so that you're not left without juice when you're freezing far from home. But even if the battery is fairly new, check that it's properly charged and that all your electrical systems are working as expected, just to be on the safe side.


4) Fluids and Coolants


Similarly, the engine needs to work harder in cold weather, so make sure all the oil, coolants, and other fluids are topped up or replaced if needed. In particular, make sure the oil is rated for winter use, and that your cooling system and windshield washer reservoirs have the correct levels of antifreeze added.


5) Lights


Lastly, your car's lights are an essential element of safety on dark and gloomy winter days, especially when visibility is limited by fog or snow. Check now that every interior and exterior light is working, and stock up on replacement bulbs so that you can make an emergency change if needed.


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