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Eyes Around You With the 2019 Chrysler Pacifica

Eyes Around You With the 2019 Chrysler Pacifica

The 2019 Chrysler Pacifica at Hunt Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat is the vehicle to drive because of all it can do to help you keep safe. It can help you drive and park in a manner that is safe for the driver, the passenger and everyone else that is around the vehicle in various places.

One of the features that the Pacifica has that helps you keep safe is the 360 degree camera. This lets you see all around your vehicle so that you will be able to detect anything that could be in any of your blind spots. This is done with a birds eye view of the Pacifica.

Given that you get a 360 degree view of the vehicle, you also get blind spot detection. In the case something winds up in your blind spot, an icon is going to light up and let you know that something is in your blind spot.


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