Chrysler Unveils Airflow Concept at CES 2022

Chrysler Unveils Airflow Concept at CES 2022




Currently, there are only two vehicles in Chrysler’s lineup of models: The Pacifica minivan and the 300 Sedan. We were excited to find out that Chrysler plans to release a new line-up of cars that will be EV only starting from 2025. Chrysler expects to have released their entire EV range by the end of 2028.


The first look we had into Chrysler’s electric-only world was seeing the Chrysler Airflow Concept that the automaker unveiled at CES 2022.





The automaker says that the Chrysler Airflow Concept will have a range of 350 to 400 miles, capable of fast charging. Each of the vehicle’s engines is capable of 201 horsepower each. This SUV will be quite zippy, considering the potential total horsepower will be 400.





The most striking is the exterior design of the Chrysler Airflow Concept. It’s far from the Chrysler design we’ve all known over the years. It looks great with a roofline that slopes down at the back, a nifty new corporate badge, and a panoramic sunroof.





The vehicle has eight displays, including an instrumental cluster, the central infotainment touchscreen in the centre, a passenger touchscreen, and a smaller climate control display below that. The other touch screens are at the back. All the screens have cameras installed so that passengers can take part in social video calls. The driver’s camera is only available when the vehicle is parked for safety reasons.


The interior is totally fantastic. It Is sleek and futuristic and it feels like you’re in a spaceship with smart controls and displays. You can even set the colour tones in the doors and dashboards to whichever mood strikes you at the time. 





All the technology in the vehicle is connected to the STLA SmartCockpit, which is powered by the master tech STLA Brain. 


The system will eventually be capable of level three autonomy driving assistance for the driver. Essentially, in specific environments like being on the highway and stuck in traffic, the vehicle will be able to drive itself. Level three driving is only possible in nice weather, but the driver will be able to make use of traffic time by catching up on work emails, among other things. This feature will most likely not be available at launch, but Chrysler says that the feature will be added via the Over The Air (OVR) update.


Final Thoughts



It’s important to remember that the Chrysler Airflow is still a concept and if and when Chrysler rolls out, the level three driver’s assistance is still unknown. In the meantime, there are still some great Chrysler vehicles at Chrysler for sale in Milton, ON., where you’ll find the best deals on Chrysler models.

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