Alfa Romeo's 110th Anniversary

Alfa Romeo's 110th Anniversary


Alfa Romeo is celebrating its 110th anniversary on June 24th and what better way to look back on this milestone of the Alfa Romeo anniversary than with a quick recap of the 110 year history? There's also a sneak peek at what's to come for the Alfa Romeo lineup.


Established in Milan in 1910, Alfa was an acronym of Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili (Lombard Automobile Factory).  The first car produced was the 24HP which, oddly enough, wasn't 24 horsepower but actually 42 with a 4.1 L engine, capable of reaching up to 62 miles per hour. 50 of these cars were made in total. In 1911 the 24HP was entered in the Targa Florio, starting the association with auto racing and earning Alfa Romeo's century-long reputation for fast, stylish automobiles. Other notable Alfa Romeo performance cars include the GP Tipo P2, Tipo 158 "Alfetta", Giulia Sprint GTA, 33 Stradale, and Giulia Quadrifoglio.


The iconic Alfa Romeo logo has undergone many changes in the last 110 years, almost once per decade. The logo combines the emblem of Milan and the "Biscione Visconteo." the coat of arms of the Visconti family, which ruled medieval Milan. It is one of Italy's best-known and most beloved symbols.


For 2020 and in honor of the Alfa Romeo Anniversary, a limited edition Giulia GTA will be released. It features Alfa Romeo's most powerful production engine ever, the all-aluminum 2.0 L Turbocharged 4-cylinder with 280 horsepower, 306 lb-ft of torque, and capable of achieving 0-60 mph in 5.1 seconds and a top speed of 240 km/h, making it clear that performance is still integral to Alfa Romeo. There's also anticipated release of the 2021 Tonale concept - a subcompact luxury crossover with a plug-in-hybrid powertrain offer and the potential for a high-powered Quadrifoglio model.

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