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2022 Ram 1500 Rebel - Know Your Trim

The Ram 1500 Rebel is a sporty pickup truck. It has earned a good reputation for being an affordable yet fun choice. The truck offers a spacious interior, unique styling, and a comfortable set of features to help you get where you need to go. Here's what you can expect from this trim.


At the heart of the 1500 Rebel is a 3.6-litre V6 Mild Hybrid engine. Combined with an 8-speed shiftable automatic transmission and all-wheel drive, it generates 305 horsepower and an impressive 269 lb-ft of torque. The vehicle's fuel economy rating is 8.07km/L in the city and 10.20km/L on the highway.

Infotainment System

The 2022 Ram 1500 Rebel is equipped with an infotainment system that provides access to a wide range of entertainment and information services, including streaming audio and video from online sources such as Pandora and YouTube.

The Rebel's infotainment system features a touch screen that displays images in high definition. The touchscreen also allows users to select different media options by simply tapping them. Users can also control the volume levels using their fingertips or voice commands.

Comfort Features

The 1500 Rebel has several comfort features to make your ride more comfortable. It offers front bucket seats and a bench seat, so you can choose which seating configuration works best for your needs. All the seats feature integrated head restraints and lap belts in various colours.

The rear cargo area features a large opening for convenient access to cargo, but it's also got enough room for larger items like suitcases or coolers. You can store anything you need in the back seat without worrying about it getting damaged or running out of space.

Safety Features

The Rebel's safety features are more advanced than ever. The vehicle's airbag system has dual-stage front impact protection to help protect your family from injury in an accident. The vehicle's lane departure warning system keeps you in your lane when driving on highways. If something does happen to cause you to move out of your lane unexpectedly - such as another driver slamming on their brakes - your vehicle will alert you with a flashing light on its dashboard and vibrate the steering wheel.


The Rebel's exterior has been updated with new, more attractive front-end styling and an updated rear end with a new taillight design that's more sculpted and aerodynamic than before. The headlights have also been upgraded, with LED lamps replacing the halogen units.

The interior has received minor updates to cabin materials and trim. However, changes are mostly confined to the infotainment system, which has been updated to include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility.


The new Rebel is here and is available at your nearest Ram dealer. Ram has done a solid job of taking everything that we loved about the old trims, like the rugged exterior styling and the off-road capabilities and putting them into this new model for a great experience overall.

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